Our expertise is creating bespoke experiences however we also offer off the shelf packages. Examples are listed below - all are fully hosted, content captured and can be executed at any time of the year. Prices upon request.


Northern Escape

This experience has our guests unlock the northern most region of New Zealand. We helicopter to Cape Reinga to watch the sunset as the Tasman and Pacific Oceans collide.  As we do the local iwi share their  traditional stories and explain the significance of the region, 

That night we spend in a luxury lodge where guests are treated to world class service. The following morning our guests head off for a horse ride along 90 Mile Beach before heading back from lunch and being flown back to Auckland.


Catch and Cook

Catch and Cook can be executed nationwide and works for any fishing  preference - deep sea, trout etc.  Our guests are flown to the fishing location and board either a luxury fishing charter boat or are flown into secluded trout fishing locations.

With both options we have experts on hand to guide and assist in the fishing process, as well as a gourmet chef. This experience is hands on throughout the day, with what is caught is then used in a live cooking lesson in which the guests take part. What they catch, they cook as part of their end of day meal.


Motorbike 'glamping' tours

Based out of the Queenstown and Wanaka region we offer 2,3 and 5 day off road motorbike tours. These can be catered to all levels of riders and allows our guests to explore parts of the countryside otherwise not reachable. 

The key difference is that the Bravos tours are delivered at a luxury level. Glamping tents are the accommodation each night and full luxury facilities are supplied. Our team of chefs and hosts ensure that our guests are pampered throughout and while this is a rugged experience, the stops are as enjoyable as the rides.