Welcome to Bravos



We define ourselves as Adventure Architects.

Operating at the luxury end of the market, we are an 'on the ground' trade partner who creates and delivers integrated end to end fully hosted experiences.

We develop bespoke adventure experiences through proprietary products supported by a select list of commercial partner offerings. 

We unlock unique and memorable parts of New Zealand for individuals and groups who seek more from their experiences. With privileged access to some of nature’s finest playgrounds and adventure-based activities, our guests enjoy experiences unavailable to all except the select few. 

A background of excellence

In 2013 Bravos founders Patrick McAteer and Mike Watkins had a concept to redefine the sport of adventure racing and multi-sport in New Zealand. From that concept Red Bull Defiance was created and successful run by Patrick and Mike from 2014 to 2017, when they sold the event. For a brand that creates their own events, their global sponsorship of Defiance was a first, and through that partnership the toughest adventure race in Australasia was created.