Our expertise is creating bespoke experiences however we also offer off the shelf packages. Examples are listed below - all are fully hosted with content captured. Prices upon request


Bravos Snow Academy

The Bravos Snow Academy is a highly unique product and has limited capacity each year.

The Snow Academy has been designed to deliver an environment where guests receive individual performance coaching (from beginner to expert) to enable them to improve and enjoy their snow experiences.

Please refer to the Bravos Snow Academy page.


Half and Half
Half and half is a full day experience that sees our guests experience two modes of 'transport' on the snow.

The morning starts off with a guided snow mobile safari that takes our guests to untouched territory.  We explore the back country and come across our mid way point where our chef is waiting to serve lunch within a pop up gazebo.

After lunch we start our return journey, though this time is it is dog sleds where each guest drives their own sled. This is fully guided and suitable for all age and experience levels.



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